Monorail Track Lighting For Creative Design

Monorail track lighting can sometimes be a bit confusing. This type of lighting system is plentiful on the market today, so if you spend just a bit of time examining the various types then you will see that it is not as difficult to understand as it may seem.

Monorail lighting offers an interesting and more flexible approach to standard track lighting. It can actually be bent by hand into the shape of your choice. This allows it to bend into some very creative designs.

Basic Components

There are four major components to a monorail track lighting system. They are low voltage systems so they will require a transformer. The two transformers that are generally used are either remote transformers or surface mounted transformers.

The difference between the two is that a remote transformer can be virtually unseen as long as it is installed within 12 feet of the actual monorail itself.

A small ceiling canopy and a power feed is how the monorail is powered. If the monorail is replacing an existing light in the ceiling then it is best to use a surface transformer instead.

How to Determine How Much Wattage Your Transformer Needs

Before you can determine exactly how much wattage that your transformer has to be, you need to assess how much light you will require in the room. Most transformers are generally 150W, 300W and 600W. On the other hand, most fixtures require a 50W lamp, so with a 300W transformer you can power up to six fixtures with 50 watt bulbs.

If you want to use additional fixtures, you can use a lower wattage in your bulbs. It is completely acceptable to mix and match fixtures on the monorail system as long as you do not exceed the required amount of watts.

Fun Lighting Systems that Offer a Lot of Leeway

This lighting configuration can be manipulated both horizontally as well as vertically so you could actually place the tracks across the ceiling and down the walls.

These are very fun lighting systems that offer a lot of leeway. The flexible connectors allow the monorails to be shaped with a nice clean edge. They are available in some designer finishes such as satin nickel, chrome, gold, and antique bronze.

Be Aware of Limitations

A limitation to installing in Jewelry Store San Diego using monorail is their low voltage and the need for a separate transformer in order to switch standard power into a low voltage current.

Only a limited amount of wattage is carried through a monorail but you can use more than one transformer if you need to, check The newer monorail systems offer a lot more power so it is wise to shop around before making your final purchase.

You should also remember that when you are working with monorail track lighting and you are attempting to manipulate or bend the monorail to your liking that you can only bend in a horizontal radius of one foot and vertically no more than a curvature of 30 degrees. If you attempt to bend beyond that point, the monorail will likely pop and break.

Monorail systems are the most flexible and versatile form of contemporary lighting which can meet the most stringent requirements.

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